I’ve been back here for a month now (doesn’t time fly) and one thing that I noticed was the Yakkimo van. Yakiimo in case you didn’t know is basically “grilled sweet potato”. And this van is driven around the neighbourhoods, usually in the evening, selling sweet potatoes (yakiimo).

Not a problem you think, what’s wrong with that? Well nothing, it’s HOW they advertise what they’re selling that gets my goat. The – what I call Yakiimo Song – is blasted through loud speakers/megaphones on top of the truck, very loud, totally annoying and disturbing what little peace and quiet we had to begin with. It’s not once in a while, but since it started getting cold it’s been every night and will continue until it starts to get warmer. Many guide books mention the fact that the Japanese are “so considerate” with their neighbours and strive to keep all noises down in neighbourhoods as not to disturb. This seems to have escaped the Yakiimo van.

Give me the chime of the ice-cream truck anytime.

やきいも うるさい

— David

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