Kiyomi and I had ordered some more “cream” coloured paint from one of the main hardware stores here (called “How’s“) and were told that they’ll call when it’s in. Not a problem.

They called us this morning saying it had arrived. Excellent. Only problem was they called us at 8:45am and you can get a 10% discount if you buy before 9:00am.

Gotourstufftogetherjumpedinthecaranddrovetothehardwarestore. Phew. Got there with about three minutes to spare and we were able to get 10% off.

Don’t laugh, 10% is 10%.

Took all of the paint to the offices and started applying the second coat to the ceiling. We finally finished the ceiling at about 12:30pm. My arms, shoulders and back were tired. The ceiling looks a lot better now. All that remains are the walls, window frames/ledges and skirting board and then we’re done.

— David

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