We have a few flyers left over and upon the suggestion of my brother Kiyomi and I headed to Higashi Okazaki Station (東岡崎駅) to hand them out to people who were leaving the station.

Were they interested? No way. Heads/eyes down and walked straight past. Some waved “no”, most didn’t even do that – that’s fine nobody is forcing them to take anything.

In past years I guess you would’ve had more luck in handing stuff out at a train station – but I guess people have become sick and tired of being handed adverts as they were leaving they just stopped taking.

Though I did give out one flyer to a Japanese high school girl – who probably took it for the freak value of talking to a gaijin (外人), or foreigner. She did say “Thank you” though. Her friend on hearing thank you exclaimed “ええ 英語!” – “huh, English?!”

— David

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