Today we were at an intersection and a building at the intersection was being repaired/painted (something!) and they had an ojii-san (old man) with his red baton to direct traffic – never mind that both lanes were unobstructed, I guess you have to keep low unemployment figures somehow.

Anyway this ojii-san was quite “dirty” both in the way he looked and his stereotypical mannerisms . Along the other side of the road come this junior high school girl (about 14 years old) walking back home. As she was walking past this ojii-san he must’ve given off some kind of aura as I could see the “determination” in her face – “ugghh what a disgusting ojii-san”, her right arm was bent and she was making a fist with her hand. Just concentrating on ignoring this old sod – hoping he’d just go away.

You really had to have seen it to grasp the humour, but I thought it was amusing never-the-less.

— David

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