There is a kind of DIY shop here in Okazaki called D2 (or デイツ) which has pretty much everything for in and around the home, and at fairly competitive prices (IMHO).

Anyways I have seen a number of non-Japanese customers in the shop wandering around looking at (for?) stuff. And it got me thinking, there are floor plans in Japanese all over the place but no bilingual floor plans, surely it’d make sense to have at least one so non-Japanese shoppers can find what what they’re looking for?

Apparently it seems that someone else has already had that idea, and a bilingual floorplan (Japanese and English) has been made. It was put up on the side of a pillar down the back of the store.

Thank you for making the floor plan, but whoever decided to put it way down the back really needs a good talking to.

— David

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