Well the weather was right. It snowed. Had about 5 cm in the morning. Nice and crunchy underfoot. Wrote my name in the snow…. with a stick. heheh. That was about it. Had to sweep the path clean to make sure it wasn’t slippery, snow quickly turned to gunk. (Frozen mud/crap)

The car was covered in snow too, started to wipe it off and soaked my gloves right through, do’h forgot that snow’s wet.

Kiyomi brought out a kettle full of boiling water and I poured that all over the bonnet, got rid of the snow in no time and hopefully keep the engine warm. As the boiling water flowed over the headlights I thought I heard a cracking sound – crap, going from extreme cold to extreme heat is not good. Pleasepleaseplease let there be no cracks. Crouched down to have a look – phew, no cracks.

— David

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