has a story that Microsoft will reimburse direct damages their Anti-Spyware Beta software causes on your PC. They’ll reimburse you up to $5 (US dollars I presume). Now is this a joke or what?

Here you have numerous Windows operating systems with more holes in them than Swiss cheese, machines that get connected to the ‘net and are infected 10 minutes later, millions of dollars lost due to operating systems with bugs and security holes, thousands of man-hours lost in trying to fix these problems – and M$ is reimbursing you $5! Hardly seems fair does it?

While one can applaud M$ in that they are releasing their own anti-spyware/virus program to combat these threats – the fact of the matter is they (M$) should have designed SECURE/STABLE systems in the first place and then the treat of spyware/worms would be greatly diminished.

Prevention is BETTER than cure.

$5 is a long way off what MS should be paying the users of its software for data lost and time spent fixing problems.

— David

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