Why can’t electrical manufacturers make products that support different standards? Televisions for example, Australia uses the PAL colour system and Japan uses the NTSC colour system. TVs sold in Japan (and made in Japan) are NTSC only. Yet TVs sold in Australia (and made in Japan) are multi-standard – PAL/NTSC. Why can’t the manufactures make the same TVs with the same colour systems for all countries?

Then when you move from one country to another you know your (PAL) DVDs are going to play back properly first time.

Same with different electrical standards: 100v here, 115 volt here and 240 there?

How many people have bought something in one country only to discover that it can’t be used in another country because of different voltages, TV colour systems, radio frequencies, plug shapes and sizes? Wouldn’t it be a lot easier if every country in the world got its act together and used the same?

— David

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