The Aichi 2005 Expo opens today and will run for six months until 25 September 2005.

I tried to access the site before and got this:

Expo Error
Expo Error

Seems that the site is under a bit of strain. Trying again in a few moments will most likely get you through.

Looking at the site, there is one issue that is cause for concern and that is the taking of your own food to the Expo. From the Expo 2005 site:

Can I take food into the site?
We kindly ask that you refrain from taking food into the site and make use of the restaurants and shops provided. There are exceptions, however, for those with allergies or special dietary restrictions. Taking food into the sites may be permitted in the case of groups such as for school events.

Make use of the restaurants and shops provided? I don’t mind making use of a shop if I want to buy a souvenir or something, but forcing people to buy their own food as opposed to bringing it (and saving a bit of money) isn’t going to go down well at all.

— David

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