Today I took Maia out in her pram (in order to get some fresh air and do a bit of advertising while walking past letter boxes and to give Kiyomi some peace and quiet – time to sleep).

We walked past the local primary school, and down a long narrow road next to it. It was quite nice. Nice and quiet. Trees fresh air, peaceful. The school had some animals which the students took turns in looking after (chickens etc.). At the end of the road was a pond which has ducks.

I arrived there and sat down on one of the barriers in the middle of the road to stop people from driving any further. Sitting down I glanced down and looked at the pram wheels – my attention started to wander, I look around, and what did I see on the ground? Money? No, not quite – I saw a 64 meg Memory Stick. Score!

Memory Stick

I waited a while – no one came back looking for it. Great, looks like today wasn’t a total waste after all.

— David

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