I had just gotten over a “cold” (high temp for a couple of days) which was cured with lots of bed rest and sleep. When suddenly I felt a lot worse and lost my voice!

Great, just great. Went to the doctor who listened to my heart and breathing who then informed me that I have Bronchitis. WTH?!

I have been perscribed a tonne of pills and powders to take and am not allowed to talk (peace and quiet at home).

Where did this come from? How on earth did I get it and from who? Grrr.

Did a search and found the following:

“Just when you thought you were finally over a cold, your chest starts to feel sore and you develop an irritating cough. Later, you might get the chills or a slight fever.

If these signs and symptoms sound familiar, you might have acute bronchitis…”

This is just great, no voice, no work. Nothing to do ATM. Just rest, take it easy, no talking and I should be back on my feet:

“most cases of acute bronchitis disappear within a few days”

— David

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