Here in Japan recycling is a big part of the garbage. Every (second) week or so glass, cans, plastic and paper is picked up and taken away to be recycled.

Of course it’s good and sounds easy doesn’t it? Wrong.

You can recycle paper and card. But you cant put this kind of paper with the “paper” and cardboard is divided up into different “types” Hello? cardboard is cardboard. Plastic? That too is separated plastic sheets and bits of plastic don’t go with plastic bottles for example. Envelopes with plastic windows aren’t plastic and they’re not paper…. ? God knows where they go?!

Glass and cans is easier – they all go out together, so I believe. Don’t get me wrong, recycling is a good thing. Here it’s just a little complicated.

Why can’t we do what is done in Brisbane, throw it all in the wheelie bin?

Wheelie Bins
Wheelie Bins

— David

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