Hellraiser: Hellseeker has just been released on DVD here in Japan and compare the cover of it to the cover of the US release and the Australian release (oh, wait it hasn’t been released in Aus.) Well compare the Japanese cover to the US one then.

Doesn’t it just rock? Much better IMHO.

Hellseeker Japanese cover vs US cover

If choosing which version to get were only that simple. Looking at the Japanese shopping sites, they list Hellseeker with a DTS track! Even better! No? Looking further the disc also has the same extras as the US release except the feature audio commentary with director.

No audio commentary. Ack, it now comes down to what is more important? A DTS track and cool cover or an audio commentary?

Wish they’d include the audio commentaries with the DTS tracks, it’d make choosing a lot easier. It’s not the first time this happened either.

— David

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