Since Maia’s been born and work has started to increase, there hasn’t been too much time / inclination to get anything else done. Not that I didn’t want to mind.

That however all changed the last few week(end)s – as Kiyomi and I have been spending pretty much all our waking time outside (during the weekend) paiting and fixing up the house. It’s been scrubbed, sanded, grinded, washed, hosed, scrubed, primed and painted. The end result is, well, it still looks the same: same colours and colour combination.

What is different however is that it no longer looks like an old house badly in need of repair. If you were to look at it you’d find nothing wrong – no rust spots, no peeling paint or paneling coming away. It now looks like an ordinary house and if I had a choice either:

a) people notice a crabby old house in need of repair, or
b) not noticing a nice house with nothing wrong with it

I’d opt for the latter every time.

I am glad that this has been done, it looks better, neater and cleaner and I for one am glad. Now that this is done, I can turn my attention to the ground around the house and start working on grass!

— David

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