I bought some more DVD-R discs the other day and they were rated at 8x – keeping in mind what I wrote about DVDR drives, DVD media and what the drive firmware lets you do I got some Memorex DVD-Rs – their data code is CMC MAG. AE1 and they are (according to the DVD-R unit’s firmware) ok for both 8x,4x – great – will now see if my theory was correct.
It was – We now have the option of burning at either 8x or 4x. WooHoo. Half the time to do a burn. Burn went quickly – could see the files in the DVD-ROM after burning – great.


It was only later that I realised I should’ve checked – just because the drive/firmware and disc themselves are all “ok” for an 8x burn doesn’t mean your PC hard drives are. The drives on this (now by current standards) old PC just weren’t able to keep up at 8x (11,000k/sec) and ended writing “rubbish” in some areas – it seems it couldn’t keep up at times.

*Sigh* – it wrote, but wrote rubbish – back to burning at 4x until we get a faster machine that can handle DVD-R burns at 8x.

— David

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