It’s been raining for the last few days which has made me happy, as the garden and grass is getting a good drink. I’m also happy for another reason – as a month ago we had a fairly violent storm and the #$%^& roof leaked again. Just @#$% great! I wrote about the roof leaking in Dec 04 – and I thought we’d fixed it – we busted our humps for a day and a half only to find it’s now leaking again – so much for a permanent fix.

So after the previous storm, we removed two ceiling panels (again) and got up into the ceiling – doing what we had to do both inside and outside the ceiling and roof and putting the ceiling panels back – I hoped that it’d do the trick. Crossing our fingers (once again), it seems to have held, every time it rains, I check the ceiling, and it’s dry.
Let’s hope this time it stays dry.

— David

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