Lightning flashes and thunder rumbles in the darkened sky overhead. A heavy rain starts to fall as the heavens open up. The ground is sodden from the downpour which causes the earth to open up. A crack appears, a sound from below, coming nearer, getting louder, the earth starts to groan and shake as a hideous thing of some sort pushes its way to the surface. It crawls up from the mud and slime below lifts its head to the sky which is still streaming, opening its mouth it lets out a wailful cry to the heavens above….

On a more down-to-earth note, this blog is back up and running, lets see how long we can keep it on life support this time…

I see that some links are broken and not all images from Blood and Soil (the first one) were imported correctly, so I’ll have to manually go through them and fix anything I find.



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