We are looking at having the AV stand replaced with a space cut out from under the stairs. With two children and two cats it’s time to put all of the electrical items out of reach, plus having a hole cut under the stairs will give us more floor space, which is a good thing.

We contacted two builders who we’ve used before, one did some internal doors and a sliding door the other did us some cupboards and shelves in the kitchen which gave us a lot more storage space, both came and looked at what we wanted and will get back to us with quotes and what-not. I can never remember the names of the builders nor their companies so I’ve given them two nicknames.

The one who did the internal door and sliding door is known as “Mr Pushy” due to the fact when we were deciding whether or not to go with him for the sliding door, he pushed like hell to get us to go with him: “these prices are only good until the end of the year“, “costs will go up” et cetera et cetera. He was the cheapest anyway and what we wanted: sliding doors put into a wall, two rooms’ walls re-done (wall panels and paint) and the ceiling repainted he did offer value for money so I don’t know why he pushed.

The one who did our kitchen is called, quite fittingly, Mr Kitchen, well, as he worked on our kitchen. No surprise there.

We have to wait an see which one of these builders can make us something to house our DVD players, VCRs, AV receivers.

— David

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