Today being a public holiday (Respect for the Aged Day) we went to Aichi Bokujo (link)  (map) which is a commercial farm for visitors to “experience farm life”. Driving there from Okazaki was a breeze down the Tomei Express-way and we got there just before after the farm opening time of 10:00am.

We got out the car and slapped on our sunscreen as the sun was brutal, I could feel my skin start to react to the sun and knew it was only a matter of time before I burnt to a crisp.

Entry to the farm was free but any events or hands-on experiences had to be paid for (it is a commercial farm after all), pony rides for the girls, dip into the wallet, animal petting zoo, dip into the wallet (though we could re-enter using the same ticket), animal food once we were in the petting zoo, wallet again, milking the cow, wallet. It wasn’t that expensive per se but the continual having to dig the wallet out and fish out some coins for another machine to get some tickets did make it feel like it was costing a bit more, perhaps one big vending machine right at the front or in the visitors centre where people could buy all the tickets of the things they were interested in at the start of their farm visit would make it smoother when you’re going around.

The girls did have a great time: ponies, horses, cows, sheep, goats, pigs, guinea pigs, ducks, geese, rabbits and then lunch and most of it again after lunch. Emma wasn’t too keen on the flies towards the end.

We’ll go again, very educational for the girls with some good hands on experience.


P.S. I did take a lot of pictures, some of which I’ll put in the gallery but here are three already in the gallery done in HDR.


Stairs leading up to one of the lunch areas.


Cow seat outside the milking tent.







Glenn Family Adventures – Aichi Bokujo


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