We went on a (1 hour) trip to Toyohashi Zoo and Botanical Park (豊橋動植物公園) to visit some of Kiyomi’s friends and for the children to have a play and a look around. Having heard about this place before I kind of knew what it would be like but did go with an open mind. It wasn’t that bad overall.

The girls had some hands on experience with some animals and a lot of walking around looking at other animals: kangaroos, emus, monkeys, elephants, elands, a giraffe, apes, sheep, pigs, various kinds of birds, penguins, a polar bear and much more we didn’t get a chance to see this time around.

It was a good way to spend a few hours and I’d like to go back and make a full day of it again (soon).

Gallery link

— David

Here are some pictures from the gallery.

Ferris wheel in the distance
Polar Bear





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