Okazaki, Japan:

Kiyomi and I went to City Hall today to apply for my registration card (makes me sound like a dog, doesn’t it? Woof!) and we were told that we have to supply two passport sized photographs with the application. Ok, not a problem let me get them out of my wallet. Ack, one. Not a problem the lady behind the counter gave us a map to a local camera shop that took passport sized photos. We’d go there, get them and come back.

Walking to the shop an old man passes us (on his bike) and says something to us. Couldn’t quite make out what he said, I replied with ‘what was that?’ He looked at us again and rode off. Strange fellow.

We found the shop and I was about to head in when he rides up to me again and, in English, asks me if “she is my wife?” I reply “Yes she is”, he then starts apologising and says that he “thought I was kidnapping her”….! WTF? What gave it away that I was kidnapping her? The fact she wasn’t struggling? The fact we were talking together?

Passport photos were 1,000yen for two, so we found the nearest automatic photo booth and got four for 600yen. I reckon that Camera Shop and City Hall must’ve had some deal going…

Went back, applied for my registration card and was told it should be ready early in the new year, until then wherever I go I have to take my passport with me! 🙁

— David

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