Good news, Maia has now gotten her Australian and Japanese passports. Well done. Now she can enter and leave Australia and Japan without having to buggerise around with visas, entry permits etc.. much easier for her and us.
Here they are:


We (she) also got the standard “passport hints” booklets that outline dos and don’ts while travelling overseas – most of the information contained within is pretty standard but it doesn’t hurt to get it to refresh your memory.

and the Japanese booklet:

The Japanese one contains some useful expressions in case of an emergency (telling the doctor you’re sick, alerting people to a fire etc) in all different languages (English, Spanish, Korean, German etc…) — it has the potential to be seen the world over.

SAFETY TRAVEL — Once again Japanese English rears its ugly head. You have “safety drivers” in Japan and now it’s possible to actually “safety travel” — it’s refreshing to know that you can.
— David

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