Seoul, South Korea:

Take off from Nagoya with Maia was no problem what-so-ever and the flight was pretty uneventful, as we got closer to South Korea we could see lights below us, land, people, South Korea, looks like nearly any other country from way up in the air.

We started to land and Maia cried a bit, seems the plane was going down a bit too fast for her liking, and she could feel the pressure in her ears started to build. We gave here her dummy, she didn’t spit the dummy but rather sucked it and her ears popped.

We checked out tickets and had to go all the way from gate 1x to gate fifty something and we had ~50 minutes to do it. Not a problem how big can this airport be?

We deboarded the aeroplane and went through the transit check (no problems) and into the terminal – it was huge! No other words to describe it really. Huge. Found which way gate fifty something was and headed off in that direction. I walked as fast as I could, Kiyomi kept up, we took the floor escalators that you find in airports, we went as quick as we could, we must’ve walked a good kilometre when we saw our gate, with 5 minutes to spare, the place was packed and not just with South Koreans and Japanese, seems a lot of flights arrived form Europe and people were changing over on their way to Aus.

A quick pit stop, and we headed on board the plane to Australia. We got on and managed to put out carry on luggage away before all the good spots were taken and the flight attendants who were very kind explained that they’d bring a baby bassinet once we were underway. We got comfy, I adjusted my watch to Brisbane time, wow it’s getting late and we took off to Australia.

— David

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