We arrived in Australia, went through immigration and picked up our bags. Proceeded to customs, waited in line for 5 minutes then were told to go through, no suitcase checks, no questions. Great. Woohoo. Quick and easy.

Walked outside to the waiting area and scanned the crown for Mum and Dad, saw a waving arm and pointed in the direction where we were to meet. My parents met Maia. She was a little apprehensive for the first couple of minutes but she then loosened up and didn’t have any problems. No tears from her or crying.

We started off for the car but I had to stop. I removed my coat, jumper, fleece and one of the two t-shirts I had been wearing. Agghh that’s better, feel a little bit cooler.

We drove back home, the back of the car was fairly cramped what with the baby seat, but I was too tired to really care. Started to rain a little and that cooled things down. We got there, Tipsy and Topsy the two cats were “pleased” to see us though they both ran when Maia shouted/yelled at them. Ever since then Topsy has given Maia a wide berth, Tipsy too was weary but she did sniff her fingers once before running away.

— David

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