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With the Rugby World Cup 2011 starting in New Zealand and wanting Australia to do well (read: win) I was quite happy to see that Amazon Japan had the World In Union Rugby World Cup 2011 Official Album listed for a 21/09 release. There were two releases listed, the first was the Japanese pressing by Universal Music for 2,500 yen and the second was the US pressing for 2,890 yen, both albums appeared to be identical except for track number 21 (World In Union), the Japanese pressing had this bonus version of the song as the 日本語 Japanese language of the song whilst the US pressing had track 21 listed as English/Maori.

Rugby World Cup 2011 CD.
Rugby World Cup 2011 CD.

Which one do you want?

Both are now being sold on Amazon Japan, the Japanese pressing is released tomorrow (21/9) whilst the US pressing, which was released today (20/9), has now gone up in price (an extra 500 yen thank you very much!) and one can expect a two to five week wait while it ships!

Guess which one I’ll be getting. Hmmmm…

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