Maia has taken to books, she likes nothing more than either sitting on the floor, settee or someone’s lap and having a book read to her. Looking at her face when she’s being read to you can just tell she’s really concentrating, I never knew how much she was paying attention until the other day.

Recently we’ve been reading Richard Scarry’s Busiest Firefighters Ever! to her and she picked up the phrase “Oh dear.” and has been saying this all the time in her little baby voice “oh de-ar, oh de-ar” so sweet. Kiyomi was reading the book to her and got to the page where “oh dear” is mentioned and as soon as she had read the line before “oh dear” Maia said it (oh dear). It just proves that she’s listening and following along to the story and knows what’s coming up. It wasn’t a one off either, she’s done it a number of times with both of us now.
— David

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