It is expected that the number of Japanese households refusing to pay the NHK (Japan Broadcasting Corporation) subscription fee (tax) will reach 700,000 by the end of the month, and no wonder what with the embezzlement scandals going on. A corporation wastes the money given to it and then wonders why people stop paying. It’s hardly rocket science.
And there’s the issue of actually paying “for” NHK. Article 32 of the Broadcast Law states (in part) that: “Any person who has installed receiving equipment capable of receiving the broadcasting provided by NHK shall conclude a contract with NHK with regard to the reception of its broadcasting.” In other words, if you have a TV that can receive the NHK signal you’ve got to pay up. Even if you never watch NHK or any “non-pay/free to air” TV you’ve got to pay. Only use your TV to watch satellite TV? It can still receive NHK – you’ve got to pay. Don’t watch ANY TV you only watch LD/DVDs – if it can receive the signal you’ve got to pay. Get the idea? Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind paying for something I use/watch. But if you’re not watching it, I fail to see why you should be paying for it.
Then, I guess, at least your money won’t be embezzled.
— David

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