Valkyrja flying overhead, “Chooser of the slain”
Who dies and lives in battle, know my name!
The love amongst my kin, her beauty and lilly white skin
Fertility, a thousand fold, eternal wisdom is my gold

Sorcery powers of all, war a fight within
Death, Fólkvangr shall I go? She’s coming, we begin.
My last breath, life abates, Hall of the Slain awaits
Valhalla, led by thee, Eternal Glory, now I’m free

Over green fields, in the skies, she comes bearing shield
Wing’d ladies now I see, Odin’s girls to whom I yield
Many dreams of her I mote, the voice from within my throat
“Deliver me, now I sleep, eternity I shall keep”

My body is in the mound, on a horse I ride,
“Why did I die?” – The question brushed aside
In the sky, a golden ceiling greets me, hooves on the stone
I hear, my name being called, Thou carried me here, now my home

The Ride of the Valkyrs


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