Narita, Japan:
Looking out the window when flying over Narita to land I noticed one thing: Japan is so bright. Lights everywhere. Way too bright – we both agreed that it’s a complete waste of electricity.
We got our carry on luggage ready and as soon as the plane stopped, we were up! The smell upon exiting the plane hit us full in the face, we both commented that Japan has a ‘unique’ smell about it. We collected our suitcases and got through customs without any problems. In fact customs didn’t seem to check any of our bags. They were kept on the trolly the entire time, not once did I have to put them up on a counter to be examined nor was anything x-rayed. Interesting…
We sent our suitcases on ahead with a company called JALABC and then went to buy tickets for the trip into Tokyo tomorrow. However the man behind the counter for the Keisei Skyliner was not interested in selling us tickets for tomorrow. He said it would be best to buy them tomorrow (fair enough), but we’re here right now with our money in our hands – “just sell us the tickets alright”. Besides buying them now would save us a bit of time tomorrow morning.
Got on the train and saw our very first drunk salaryman! 🙂
We arrived at the hotel we were spending the night, it was called Comfort Hotel which was a three minute walk from Keisei Narita Station.
Got to our room: bed, bathroom, table, chair small fridge (empty) and TV (turned it on – various Japanese programs and one cable channel, CNN, I didn’t fly over 8000km to watch CNN so I turned it off)
For those of you who are interested: I have only seen five vending machines so far…
— David

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