One thing that has started to get my goat is the number of websites that open (external) links in other windows. Arggh. I mean how hard is it to have your site open a link in the same window. Windows takes up enough memory as it is without a website forcing another browser window open.
What I’d like to see is the following:
1. Links opening in the same window
2. If you must open a link in a seperate window, a little bit of text that says “link opens new window”
Simple no? At least that way I’ll know when to right click an choose “open link in new tab” in Firefox.
— David

3 thoughts on “Don’t open another window.”

  1. Greetings from not-so-sunny Calfornia! Your home sidebar says you have MT-Blacklist installed, and yet there it is, trackback spam from the online casinos…
    I was just about to install it myself too, but seeing that makes me think, what’s the point?
    Anyways, by reason for visiting is that I saw your comments on the BookQueueToo page and was wondering if you ever got the issue resolved. I’m experiencing the same types of problems myself.

  2. Aaron, still “learning” (configuring) mt-blacklist ATM, can only dream of spam-free trackbacks.
    As for bookqueuetoo, tried pretty much everything, no luck.. so I’ve taken it off. Will re-visit it at a later date…

  3. Are you on a Windows server? I have a theory that it might be a problem with paths for include files in Windows. My host told me I need to use absolute paths for the include files, but I can’t figure out a way to force BQT to do this. And unfortunately, I don’t know CGI or Perl, and as I browse the code in .pl, .pm, and .tmpl files, I can’t find where I would change this. Even more unfortunately, the original programmer doesn’t check his comments on his website, and I’m getting no help from the MT forum, either.
    As a designer, I’ll try to start cutting back on my use of the target=”_blank” link method. I suppose if people are reading my blog, they already know where it is, so I don’t have to worry about them losing their way as they browse.

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