I wrote about “When In Rome” last year. It seems that it must either be me or that intersection near the side street, but today what did we see? Not an old woman, but this time an old man going for a wizz on the side of the road! Charming. This wasn’t some side street but a fairly busy road (two lanes each way), footpaths either side. As he was doing his “business” at least three people rode past him on bicycles.
My question is: Where are the POLICE? Do this back home and you would be arrested there and then. Here in Japan it seems that no one cares. Hmmm… When the toilet packs it in and I’m waitng for the plumber, think I’ll wander outside, drop my pants and SQUAT poo.gif on the side of the road. Everyone else is doing it. Why shouldn’t I?
— David

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