Nagoya, Japan:

Well, I checked the flights from Korean Air the night before and our flights were still on schedule so off we went to the airport. We caught a taxi to Higashi Okazaki and lugged two suitcases, one shoulder bag, one pram and one baby down the stairs, no lift nor was there any station staff to assist us. Went through the wicket and proceeded to head to the escalator only to find it being fixed so had to lug all of our stuff up another flight of stairs – got onto the platform and my God it was freezing.

We waited for 15 minutes before the train arrived (Express with reserved seats) hopped on and we were on our way. One thing I noticed was there was no room for suitcases and the like so we had to but them in an empty seat. Every stop I sat there with my fingers crossed, please nobody sit down there (where the suitcases are) as I’ll have to get up and move them.

The “Airport Trains” have space for cases but not the regular express trains, even if they’re going to the airport.

Arrived at the new Airport – Central Japan International Airport or Centrair and checked in. Checked in without any major problems, our luggage came to 30kg in total and then walked about a bit waiting for our flight.

We went out onto the flight deck – it was cold but clear and the roar from the planes coming in was just fantastic. We walked the full length of the deck taking it all in though our trip back to the lobby was a bit quicker as we started to feel the cold. Got back and it was time to go through immigration, filled out the cards – wrote names, address down etc. and then went through to our gate. At the gate we checked Maia’s pram in and boarded the 737 to Seoul.

— David


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