Well, Maia and I have had our birthdays for this year and of course we’re a couple of years older. We decided to all go out and celebrate both birthdays together at a restaurant at the local Shopping Centre. We went to a fry your own / all you can eat place. You get your food which is skewered (a slice of pumpkin, chicken, small sausage etc) dip it in garlic sauce, roll it in bread crumbs and then pop it in the oil for a few minutes take it out, let the oil drain and then eat. The girls were very well behaved and were willing to try (at first) most food though they soon developed a taste for meat and not so much the veggies.

We managed to polish off 89 sticks, three deserts each and five drinks all up, so we did get value for money. (had to stagger back to the car after that one!)

Maia got a wooden counting frame (abacus) to help her with numbers to 100 and with addition and subtraction and also a wooden toy kitchen from the local Toys ‘r’ Us which didn’t cost an arm and a leg. Both girls have taken to the wooden kitchen (once I assembled it) and play with it every day.

She also got a very lovely dress from her Uncle and Aunt in the U.K. and is really looking forward to putting it on once once it’s warmer.

They are both now looking forward to Emma’s birthday and hoping for more presents that they can both play with.

– David

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