Winter’s well and truly over and spring is about to finish. It’s warm(er) and time to shed the extra layers of clothes and get some sun on the skin, though I didn’t remove my clothes too quickly as a few years ago I did that and caught a massive cold which stuffed me around for 10 or so days. So clothes off slowly and take it easy not to get sick. My plan worked and I didn’t pick up anything. That’s me however. I didn’t take into account that Maia, who has now started pre school, would bring something home last Thursday and therefore be crook Friday, all through the weekend, develop a slight fever Monday and then spend that day and the following home with us. She then proceed to pass what she had onto Emma and Kiyomi and myself.


Sore throat Sunday evening / Monday morning which turned out to be a spot of laryngitis which was confirmed by the doctor who proceed to prescribe a tonne of medicine for me. (Some) Japanese medicine, as you may or may not know, does tend to make you drowsy. Sleepy with a sore throat. Great. Though maybe we caught this one in time, as the following day (Tue) my throat was much, much better. Did the medicine do the job? Or was I just lucky? I don’t know but I don’t want to take any chances so I’ll continue to take the medicine and keep feeling drowsy until it’s all gone.

Don’t want to risk it.


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