Rotten again.

It’s been raining for the last few days which has made me happy, as the garden and grass is getting a good drink. I’m also happy for another reason – as a month ago we had a fairly v... Read More

Oh dear.

Maia has taken to books, she likes nothing more than either sitting on the floor, settee or someone’s lap and having a book read to her. Looking at her face when she’s being read to you ca... Read More

No more gold.

Golden week has nearly come to a close and people will be getting “back to normal” — as I’ve had a bit of free time this week it’s enabled me to get some garden work done... Read More

Little Miss Muscles.

No it’s not the title of a Mr Men (Little Miss) book, just a description of Maia. Recently she’s been starting to discover her upper body strenght and picking up evything in sight. Her (sm... Read More

Someone’s one.

Happy Birthday Maia. A lot has happened this last year – born, smiling, turning over and around, getting up and crawling, trying to stand, taking your first step and falling, starting to walk, s... Read More

Pick it up.

After sending the things we bought in Australia to Japan we received notice that they’d arrived and could now pick them up etc. We received a bill of lading which we took the shipping company (7... Read More