We have had this little A6 laminator for about three months now, bought it from D2, and it’s given us no major problems until tonight.

I had prepared several flash cards – cut them all up to size, put them in the laminating film and had the cards on the table ready to be fed. I started feeding them into the laminator (and taking them out the other end) when half way through I went to take the current card card out I noticed it wasn’t there! Strange. I checked the floor and the back of the laminator – no card. Must have been my imaginaton. ?? No?

I fed another card in it came out Ok, must have been my imagination then. I fed a second card through and it didn’t come out! Ah-ha! Whats going on here. Stopped the laminator and looked inside. Sure enought the card had wrapped around the internal rollers. Great! How on earth am I gonna get that out?

Unplugged the unit and waited until it had cooled down (and I had calmed down) and had a look. No screws so can’t undo it. Take it back – cost more to fix than to buy a new one. Don’t really want to buy another laminator. I ended getting a stanly knife with a retractable blade and very very carefully slit the rolled up laminated card on the roller – I then powered up the unit and the card moved a bit. Turned it off (and unplugged it) and then slit it a bit more. Repeated this process about 100 times until I finally got the card and all the bits of the card (because of the slicing I was doing) out of the laminator. Checked to see the rollers were clean – they were. I then gave the unit a proper test. No problems.

I had a look at the cards(!) that had wrapped around the roller – there were two – so it wasn’t my imagination. What had caused this to happen? Dunno – I hadn’t done anything out of the ordinary. Mystery.

— David

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