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I mentioned before about which RWC 2011 CD to buy. Well I ordered the Japanese version the day it was released and received an email from Amazon saying thank you very much for your order (the standard email you always get) and they would ship it “when it’s in stock”.

What? Not in stock? How long will I have to wait. Calm down, it’s a new release so it has to come from the company I told myself.

Rugby World Cup 2003 CD.
Rugby World Cup 2003 CD.

I waited for a few days and got an email saying it had shipped and I received it the very next day. Not too bad overall. About 4 days, so I can’t complain. Much better than the import CD which ships in 2-4 weeks.

I do quite like the songs on this album, some are the same songs on the 2003 world cup CD though done in a different way with a very different feel so everything sounds new and fresh.

The only complaint I have is the Japanese pressing has track 21 with a Japanese version (which is the one I got) and the international release has the Maori version on track 21. One or the other.

All I can say is I wish the release had all the multiple language of World in Union on the one CD not difficult to do.

– David

P.S. Amazon Japan are now listing World in Union 2011 with a ship date of 1-2 months!! Got it just in time I think.


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